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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. pope francis captivates the capitol. from the white house and president obama. >> god bless america. >> to thousands of faithful in the streets. the young girl who broke away from the crowd to give him a special message and now an historic speech. the message he will bring to the country's political leaders and the high-profile figures who won't be there. complete live coverage right now on "gma." also breaking overnight, leveled, an explosion tearing through a neighborhood. homes engulfed in flames, the debris and broken glass sent flying. investigators searching into what caused the blast. trump on the attack. the gop front-runner back on offense taking aim at fox news and his republican rivals. but is his campaign losing steam? his latest rally a half-filled
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room and a new poll shows his competition gaining ground. and wrong turn. take a look at this. a small plane zipping through a busy intersection stunning commuters. what sent it flying through the danger zone. and we do say good morning, america. the nation's capital buzzing again this morning. pope francis exciting so many people, hundreds of thousands coming out to see him and, george, you're in the center of it all again this morning. >> right here in the capital and all of us here at the capitol just treated to the most gorgeous sunrise over the library of congress and supreme court. thousands gathering already. 50,000 tickets given out to see the pope today. they are on the south lawn of the capitol. the pope will come out with the speaker and greet them after he makes history. becoming the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress and, robin, he'll be
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speaking as a head of state, the head of state of the holy see. >> as you know, george, there have already been so many memorable moments. there will be more today but yesterday, the pope inside the white house also met the first dogs, sunny and bo. he signed the guest book here kissing a baby on the parade route and what so many people are talking about when that 5-year-old girl broke through the barriers, was blessed by the pope and delivered that letter, george. >> boy, she may be the most famous 5-year-old in the world right now, robin. we'll have full team coverage of everything happening today from the time the pope comes to the capitol all the way to his appearance at st. patrick's cathedral tonight. abc's terry moran who has been traveling with the pope starts us off right now. terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. what a day it was covering the pope around washington, d.c., something was happening, you could tell it in the faces of the people in his face on his first trip to the united states, it seems he's really forging a special relationship with the
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american people as his spokesman told us last night, the pope is happy. sheer joy in the streets of washington. ♪ and pope francis was nearly mobbed as he entered of the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. 25,000 people there to hear the pope celebrate mass and canonize california missionary junipero serra. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: let's keep moving forward, he proclaimed. that is certainly what francis did all day. there he was on the streets of washington in his open popemobile greeting massive crowds and blessing children, including 5-year-old sophie cruz, daughter of undocumented immigrants, she tried to reach francis, was blocked by security and then the pope called her over.
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papal hug and sophie gave him a letter. she wants help to keep her parents from being deported. it says, my friends and i love each other. no matter the color of our skin. ♪ at the white house, earlier, francis pulled up in that little fiat, joined president obama in a grand ceremony and pushed for action on climate change declaring that the earth itself -- >> cries out to heaven. >> reporter: then a meeting in the oval office and an introduction to the obama dogs and everywhere he went the simple man in white made the same request. >> i will. >> reporter: then in the evening one final surprise, pope francis visited the little sisters of the poor who are fighting obamacare's contraception mandate in the supreme court, a powerful gesture of his support for their fight. and a final note, sophie cruz that 5-year-old girl will be here at the capitol today.
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she's been invited to hear the pope speak. >> she will be here at the capitol behind the pope today will be the vice president, catholic, also the speaker of the house john boehner, a catholic, interesting though, three of the six catholic members of the supreme court will not be there. >> it's very striking and those three are the most conservative, justices scalia, alito and thomas have all decided not to come. they didn't say why but it's pretty amazing really. >> it is but justice roberts and kennedy will be and justice ginsburg will be there. i know you'll be there for all of it, as well, terry, thanks. to cecilia vega now. 50,000 people as we said expected on the south side of the capitol. you're right in the middle of it. >> reporter: oh, george, 50,000 of me and my closest friends hanging out. good morning to you. take a look at this. they're out there. they're ready to go. that balcony right there is where the pope will come out. i can tell you if yesterday was any indication this crowd is going to go nuts. many have been hanging out all morning long, all night long actually just to see the pope.
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this is the ticket. you got to have one of these to get in here. you had to get it from a congressional representative. as you said, 50,000 people came from all over the country. they got their blankets out, you know they're hanging out. t-minus three hours or so until they finally lay eyes on the pope, george. >> i'll take it from here, cecilia, thank you. security for the visit is unprecedented. we're going to take a live look at st. patrick's cathedral right here in new york city. ready for the pope's next stop later today. he arrives this evening. the secret service is heading up the massive operation to keep him safe and abc's pierre thomas has exclusive access inside one of their command centers for us this morning. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we're at a secure location outside of washington, so sensitive we're not allowed to tell you where we are. the men and women here behind me at the multiagency communications center led by the secret service are waging an all-out effort to keep the pope safe.
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♪ ♪ holy holy >> reporter: as the pope makes his way through washington today his every move is closely watched from this secret facility. more than 30 agencies on 24/7 alert at this nerve center controlling an army of police and federal agents securing the pontiff. >> attractive potential target he is for terrorists or others who want to do us harm. >> reporter: the secret service overseeing layers of security much of it not seen. tactical teams and snipers on standby. undercover officers milling through the crowds. additional surveillance cameras deployed throughout the city as the pope makes his way to congress and later this afternoon pope francis depart force new york where the security challenges get even more complicated with the u.n. general assembly convening and a mass at madison square garden. >> the preparations have been extraordinary. we're ready to keep everyone who comes here safe and ready to keep the pope safe.
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>> reporter: for now agents in this secret location are hunting for any hint of a credible threat. so far, none, but we have ways to go, george. >> well, thank goodness it's okay so far. pierre, thanks very much. i'm joined by our colleague. matthew dowd. in new york the vatican spokesman greg burke. thanks for joining us. the pope is happy. >> george, definitely the pope is happy. a little tired coming back from cuba. cuba was three days and quite hot but he looked a little tired in the morning but definitely happy. >> and he does seem to be energized by the crowds and, matthew, so fascinating to watch what the pope said and did yesterday and the strategy behind it. >> well, he comes here as we've talked about in a very polarized environment where there's divisions in the country, divisions in the church, divisions in congress and divisions on the supreme court. i think he's going to have to continue to emulate the moves another argentinean superstar lionel messi and how he gets through this. >> great analogy. one area that caused controversy when the pope was speaking to his bishops he encouraged them
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and said they showed courage on the issue of sexual abuse but some of the victims' groups said this was a slap in the face. any reaction to that? >> i think, george, we have weigh seen that often. there's not enough anybody who has been abused, there's not enough that the pope or the church can do or can say so i think that's a natural reaction. the pope, however, used very strong words and above all he's been using strong action. he's the first one to remove bishops and i think that's what you have to look at. you have to look at the record there. >> and what do you expect to hear from the pope today and what is he trying to accomplish with the speech to the congress? >> i think -- pick up on something matt said which is interesting. the culture of encounter in these polarized times, a couple themes the pope has which he keeps going back, the culture encounter, with your neighbors, with countries, trying to understand people who think differently from yourself and trying to get it together. mother is the throwaway cull you are too. the pope says a society that's worth the way it treats the most
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vulnerable and that goes from the unborn to the elderly to those without work to immigrants. that is the throwaway culture. he keeps going back to that and different ramifications and i think you'll see. >> matthew, it's going to be such a fascinating feeling in that hall today. you've got as i said the speaker of the house, vice president, members of the supreme court, presidential candidates, as well, so interesting to see what the ripple effects from the pope's speech are. >> i think the greatest thing you'll see is sitting behind him will be the speaker who is a devout catholic and joe biden who is a devout catholic who share faith but not politics and how the pope will thread the needle facing the divisions. >> watch who is smiling and nodding when. >> thanks. we'll cover it all all day long right here on abc. for now let's go back to robin. than you, greg, for joining us in the studio. the race for president now. "your voice, your vote" and donald trump is back on the attack this morning. going after his rivals and fox news. as new polls this morning show
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trump holding his lead even at some of his rivals gaining ground. abc's tom llamas is following the campaign. good morning. >> good morning to you. let's take a look at one of these new polls out. quinnipiac university taken after the second debate and here are the top five. you see donald trump still far ahead but his lead has shrunk because both fiorina and carson are gaining ground and bush and rubio seeing minor gains, as well. at the top of the polls but fighting for respect, donald trump back on offense. >> the press is very dishonest. >> reporter: boycotting fox news after the cable network canceled his up coming interview on "the o'reilly factor." >> polls came out the other day. they were outstanding, fox didn't put them up. i didn't feel i was being treated fairly. >> reporter: trump claiming bias treatment but fox has had enough pulling the interview after trump ridiculed its political coverage and its anchor megyn kelly yet again calling her a lightweight on twitter tuesday.
7:12 am
trump also on a tear with his rivals describing jeb bush and senator marco rubio as frenemies. >> they hate each other but they can't say it. >> reporter: with hillary clinton -- >> she's become shrill. >> reporter: and slamming carly fiorina who is rising in the gop polls. >> she's fighting to raise money and her business career was a disaster. >> reporter: fiorina who took him on in the debate taking him on out on the trail. >> leadership is not about your title, your position, the size of your office, the size of your airplane, the size of your helicopter or the size of your ego. leadership is about service. >> reporter: also on wednesday, a rare scene for trump, the republican front-runner speaking to a half filled room. the campaign claiming it was just a speaking engagement, not like trump's event late their night that attracted more than 2,000 people. now, there's also a bloomberg
7:13 am
and fox news poll out trump still on top but carson, rubio and fiorina all making gains, robin, the headline here really is that trump's lead is not shrinking but others are definitely gaining ground. robin. >> a way of looking at it. thank you. powerful storms in the heartland causing flooding, closing schools and ginger, more rain is in the forecast. >> yes, raining this morning, really in parts of east of omaha and that's where we're looking. council bluff, iowa, up to 8 inches already falling. look at these pictures and know why schools and roads are closed all throughout your wednesday. what we'll see today is that rainfall moving through, not as heavy but still a flash flood watch in effect all the way up through almost sioux falls and dries out slightly as it goes into southern minnesota and northern iowa and also watching another low pressure system bringing some rain to coastal north and south carolina even parts of georgia, that's going to move in. you could see 4 plus inches and you know what's blogging it from getting up here, the pope's high pressure system. we put a little halo over the
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high, robin. >> always can count on you, ginger. thank you very much. amy has the morning's other top stories starting with a major disaster, unfortunately, overseas. >> a tragedy at one of the holiest events of the year for muslims called the hajj. the annual muslims pill garageage to saudi arabia. more than 300 have been killed in a stampede near that holy city. all religious muslims are obligated to make the pilgrimage once in their lives. before the hajj began more than 100 people died in a crane collapse at a mosque. well, this morning volkswagen's stock is starting to bounce back now that the ceo has stepped down. but more resignations are expected in the wake of the emissions cheating scandal. dealers are now stuck with inventory they cannot sell. well, president obama has reportedly decided to meet with russian president vladimir putin to discuss the growing crisis in syria. this comes as russia considers launching air strikes now against isis. meanwhile, european leaders are giving an extra $1 billion
7:15 am
in aid to help syrian refugeeses who continue to pour into greece and other european nations. a potential danger for planes flying into the san francisco bay area. some pilots say they are being blinded by the lights at the 49ers new stadium near san jose's airport. at least six have reportedly filed complaints. check out this small plane zooming through a busy intersection in southern california during rush hour. engine trouble forced that student pilot and instructor to make an emergency landing. they managed to stay clear of all those cars. incredible. and speaking of incredible, a powerful moment that brought tears to my eyes this morning. take a look at a university professor in nashville teaching while holding a child. but, see, that's not his son. that's his student's little boy. single mom amanda osbon had to swallow her pride and bring her son to class because she couldn't find a baby-sitter and because she treats school like a job she didn't want to miss a
7:16 am
day. during class xavier held his hands up to be picked up. instead of being upset by the disruption, the teacher swept him up and kept teaching without skipping a beat. mom was moved to tears. her classmates hugged her in support and professor bunkowske says osbon is a 4.0 student and nothing should stand in the way of getting an education. >> that's great. >> and said we're all in this together. i love that. brought tears to my eyes too. >> i was like, that's just -- we need more of that in the world. >> we do. thanks for sharing, amy. a massive blast destroying homes in a maryland neighborhood. that story for you in just 30 seconds.
7:17 am
>> at least five homes destroyed are badly damaged by that home explosion in maryland. two injured in the blast. abc's david kerley has the story. >> callers saying houses are on fire. >> reporter: a suspected gas explosion tearing through this maryland neighborhood sparking a three-alarm blaze. >> be advised you have a fully involved house fire with collapse. >> reporter: just after 7:00 at tight as the smell of natural gas, a leak, was being investigated. >> that pg&e guy said to get your guests out of the house and the house next door exploded. >> reporter: one town home leveled, set ablaze. >> there is an entire section completely gone. all on fire. >> reporter: debris and broken glass sent flying. >> window frames are all bent upstairs. the things knocked off the shelves in the house. >> reporter: five homes
7:18 am
smoldering. residents describing their neighborhood as a war zone. >> well, it's very dramatic as you can see. i was -- one of the most dramatic things i've ever seen. >> reporter: arriving on the scene fire and ems crews find two people injured, a resident and a gas worker on the scene at the time of the blast. their injuries minor. >> at this time we believe that everyone is accounted for. >> reporter: we're so thank if ullr to know nobody was seriously injured. we're very fortunate nobody was home in the house. >> reporter: this morning investigators will start digging through the debris to pinpoint the exact cause of that suspected gas leak. as residents wait for the all-clear to return home. so this morning firefighters are worried that house could fall down. this is the one that's completely lost and as you can see, the blast affected other homes, as well. the investigation really starting now with light coming. robin. >> all right, david, thank you. more ahead this morning. a new twist in that sexual assault case involving a stanley cup winner, was evidence tampered with? the mysterious bag left outside
7:19 am
the accuser's mother's door. the new technology that may protect your credit cards from fraud. we'll have more on that coming up. and once again george has gone to d.c. that's the latest. >> right here in the capitol, robin. the pope will be here in just a couple of hours. 50,000 people on hand. we'll have complete live coverage. &t and directv are now which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a... why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mobilized. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t. the possibility of a flare swas almost always on my mind.
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>> good morning. we want an update on the weather. here is jacqui jeras. >> good morning washington. another beautiful day around the region. plenty of sunshine. warm temperatures. you want a light jacket by this afternoon shortstop sleeves for sure and high around 80 degrees. tonight partly cloudy skies, low around 60. see sunshine to start the day tomorrow but the clouds will be on the increase becoming breezy, highs in the middle 70s. we're watching that area of low pressure to bring us a couple showers as we head toward the weekend, best chance south of dc. >> on the commute, we've got congestion on 95 in virginia, extra congestion due this this crash. just reopened lanes in wood bridge, crash between u.s. 1 and lorton road. bumper to bumper making your way toward the springfield interchange. extending the delays we have a crash on the capital beltway just before braddock road. that also tying us up on 95
7:27 am
trying to merge with the capital beltway. moving to interstate you have, not pad on the stretch. on sudley road we're shut down in both directions at battle view parkway for crash clean up. >> anchor: we start with breaking news out of saudi arabia. we learned about an hour ago the death toll from a deadly stampede is over 300. at least 450 others are wounded, caught in the stampede at the bill graage. it happened during the richial known as stoning the devil. hundreds of people were killed past years during the same ceremony. about 2 million people are taking part in this pill gramage within began tuesday. this is the last day for pope francis in dc. one of the most apriled events in washington, the pope will address congress at 10:00 a.m.
7:28 am
after that he'll feed the poor and give an official goodbye at the vatican embassy, his home base while here t pope is expected to address climate change as well as the need to help migrants fleeing war, the united states role in helping poorer nations, religious freedom and right to live issues of abortion and euthanasia. you can bet more news, traffic and weather updates on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have a great thursday.
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7:30 am
we welcome you brack to "gma." looking at the capitol. tens of thousands gathering there to witness history. pope francis becoming the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress and i know, george, you're looking forward to being there for the big event. >> no question about that, robin. a lot of people right there on the south lawn of the capitol getting ready for the pope. he'll be here just in a coupl of hours. 50,000 tickets given out for this event and the pope will come out and address them from that balcony right there after he speaks to the congress after he becomes the first pope ever to address the united states congress speaking to the american people through their representatives and there is a lot of anticipation here for what the pope will say and what he will do when he encounters those crowds. >> and we will have special live coverage. you'll be anchoring that of the pope's address later.
7:31 am
back on "gma" other big headlines. that important guest in washington, china's president visits the white house tonight. meeting with president obama ahead of tomorrow's state dinner. one topic likely to be discussed, the american businesswoman in custody in china for six months charged with spying. an update on those texas high school football players who tackled a referee. they have been assigned to a different school for 75 days as part of their punishment. one of their coaches has reportedly confessed to ordering them to attack the ref for his alleged racial comments as we do say good morning, america. thankful it's thursday. friday eve. one more alarm clock. michael, you're here with the buzz. >> talking about the new popemobile, the fiat 500l. we have it here and we'll check it out ourselves but we'll have to hurry because it needs to get back to him by 9:00. >> can you fit in that? >> we'll find out if i can fit. i'm a little curious myself. >> you will find out later this morning on "gma" but now in this
7:32 am
half hour, a strange twist in the case of the hockey superstar accused of sexual assault. the lawyer for the woman accusing chicago blackhawks player patrick kane is speaking out suggesting the evidence may have been tampered with. abc's ryan smith has more on the case. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. while patrick kane prepares for a hockey season less than two weeks away his accuser's attorney dropping a bombshell about potentially crucial evidence to this case. this morning, the investigation into sexual assault claims made against chicago blackhawks star patrick kane taking a bizarre turn. >> the rape kit evidence bag was anonymously delivered to the home of my client's mother. >> reporter: the attorney of kane's accuser saying she discovered this torn empty evidence bag tuesday afternoon, wedged into her door suggesting the kit had been tampered with. but they don't know who left it
7:33 am
or why. >> we know this because the bag has a label on it. it contains my client's identity. >> reporter: the police commissioner investigating the case quick to refute those claims saying they have the kit and that all evidence related to this case remains in its original packaging. the nhl superfar's attorney firing back saying authorities told both sides that the kit reveals none of kane's dna was found below her waist. >> we know a technician already reviewed the evidence and we know he already said that the results are as follows and then indicated kane wasn't there. >> reporter: the 26-year-old three-time stanley cup winner who has not been charged with a crime professed his innocence last week. >> i am confident that once all of the facts are brought to light i will be absolved of having done nothing wrong. >> reporter: but the alleged victim's attorney says tampering could scuttle the star's
7:34 am
prosecution and demanding answers. he wants an independent investigation. the police department colleaguing the evidence saying that if there is one they'll cooperate and that their handling of the evidence is u a unassailab unassailable. how the bag got to the accuser's mom's doorstep remains a miss interest i. >> for more let's turn to dan abrams and you just scratch your head and go, what's going on. >> it either is the bag that had the rape kit or it isn't, right? it's sort of obvious but if it is, this case is in big trouble if there was going to be any case. the notion that a piece of evidence so crucial in a case like this ends up on the accuser's mother's doorstep is so crazy but there's also the possibility the authorities are right and that it's not actually the rape kit and that it's just a hoax so it's a huge question as to is it or isn't it? >> it's so key in the case, which they have already said as we heard in ryan's report that the -- the evidence is and is
7:35 am
not. >> this is the accuser's lawyer. usually it's the accuser and the prosecution working hand in hand. here you have the accuser's lawyer sort of calling out the authorities and saying, we want an investigation. that makes it sound like the accuser's lawyer doesn't think there's going to be a prosecution. because if there is, this whole incident, the press conference, the finding of it, the investigation isn't helpful to any potential case. >> he hasn't been charged. >> absolutely. >> and you think now with this the possibility of it is -- >> it certainly makes the possibility of it lower that he's going to get charged. they've been investigating now for over a month. but, you know, this sort of development and listening to the accuser's lawyer makes you think at least he doesn't think that charges are likely. >> thankfully they're having a thorough investigation. >> now they'll have to investigate this incident, as well. >> thank you, dan. thanks, robin. to you to the latest on those freeway shootings in phoenix that terrorized drivers
7:36 am
for weeks. the suspect in at least four of those incidents has now been charged and this morning we're hearing the 911 calls from some of the victims. abc's kayna whitworth has our story. >> i think my window just got shot. >> reporter: this morning chilling 911 calls from terrified drivers after they were shot at driving down phoenix freeways. >> are you hurt? >> i'm not. i just got glass all over my hair, my back, my body. >> reporter: some had been hit, others describing a gunman wearing a bulletproof vest riding a motorcycle. >> he had over 15 magazines fully loaded all around his body. he had a 9 millimeter on his hip. >> reporter: this morning police are still investigating the shootings which struck 11 cars over a span of two weeks and now, the department of public safety is saying they believe the first shooting actually happened two days earlier than originally thought. targeting a car on its way to the airport. police forensically linking a bullet from that car to
7:37 am
21-year-old leslie allen merritt jr. who police believe is responsible for at least four of the shootings. merritt admits he owns the gun used in the shootings but claims it had been in the pawnshop for months. >> i haven't even had access to a weapon. >> reporter: but overnight that pawnshop owner saying he gave police video showing that merritt had pawned and retrieved the gun several times this summer turning it in for the last time just hours after one of the shootings. this morning, merritt remains behind bars charged with 16 felony counts including drive-by shooting and aggravated assault. he's pleaded not guilty. for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> and our thanks to kayna. coming up, big changes coming for the way you use your credit cards. abc's gio benitez going to show us how it work, gio. >> reporter: yeah, this chip is about to change everything, in fact, it could stop thieves from stealing your money. we'll show you how it works in
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just a few minutes right here on "gma." stick around.
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we're back at 7:42 now with the new technology in your credit card that could help stop fraud in its tracks. abc's gio benitez as we said at an atm to show us how it all works. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. starting next week you may not have to swipe these cars anymore. you'll use this little chip to pay. take a look. it's the new technology that aims to stop thieves cold. and in just a few days this high-tech chip in your credit cards could lead to a lot less fraud. here's the problem right now. watch as this fast food attendant swipes a customer's card once and then a second time using a small device. watch again. from the register to the skimmer. it looks like this. small enough to fit in a thief's pocket and could even be installed at gas station pumps. police say this criminal couple
7:43 am
was caught on camera desperately searching for their skimming device. the possible solution, that chip. the electronic transactions association tells us it can't be duplicated by criminals like magnetic strips creating unique codes for every single purchase. no more swiping, you put your card in and keep it there till the code is captured. >> when you have a chip card and but to a chip card reader you're no longer using the magnetic stripe but inserting it and a one-time code is passed to the machine and used to authorize the transaction so your credit card information is no longer shared. >> reporter: now starting october 1st the trade association says if businesses don't have technology in place to read that chip, they will be entirely liable for any fraud. but many of uson't even have a chip on our cards yet so what do you do? >> if consumers don't receive their cards by october 1st, merchants cannot refuse your payment. it's your bank's responsibility
7:44 am
to send you and issue a new card. >> reporter: but the chip alone won't make your card entirely safe. thieves can still copy credit card numbers and use those stolen numbers online. and, remember, you are never liable for any fraud. now we're here at an atm. normally you would take it and stick it in and slide out but in this case because this has a chip, this is telling me atense, a chip was detected please insert the card and do not remove it so you just put it in, it locks in there and that's how you get your money, robin. >> good to know. have you seen that on your cards? >> yeah. >> just used it yesterday. >> thanks, gio. coming up, the big statement pope francis is making with that little bitty car. hey, that's our studio. come on back. the whole day to sell to the their old cart aside and buy a new one...
7:45 am
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♪ it is the moment we love from the pope's arrival at the white house. trumpets blaring and that little fiat driving in with the holy father. michael has more on the pontiff's ride in "the speed feed." michael. >> thank you, lara.
7:49 am
now pope francis is known for his simple ways, so it should be of no surprise to anybody that he picked a modestly priced about $20,000 fiat l to tool around the capitol in. you got to love his style. we decided to check it out ourselves. get a fiat 500l and see how it fits us so the car as you see, i feel protected. i usually have secret service but this is my secret service. they're called michael's angels. now, the pope is 5'9". i'm 6'5". let's see how we're doing back here. i feel good. how are you feeling? >> not as good now. >> closer. >> there we go. >> oh. you're pregnant. come on back. come on back. you need more room than i do. i can see why he picked this car. there's a lot of room in here. >> a great statement to see him doing ha. >> yeah, really did. >> can we go on a road trip? >> i was going to say. >> be a new yorker, robin. >> that's how you know you're in new york.
7:50 am
even honking in the studio. >> is this car economical? >> it's very economic cal. very good on gas, starts at about $20,000 and you see it fits five of us comfortably. >> including one large man. >> including one large man. >> 5 1/2. >> 5 1/2. that's right and the great thing is i don't think we have to go back to work so robin is taking us -- >> give a little pope wave out the window like that. when we come back at the top of the hour, how much free time should your kids really get? come on back. great improve this! tip from lowe's. all it takes is a little tape to put up the perfectly even shelf. measure the distance between the holes, place it on the wall, in go the screws and there you go.
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who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
7:54 am
we put that halo on the high pressure system but this is what it actually mines on the ground in d.c. the pope will have 81 degree, mix of sun and clouds. lots of sunshine arriving in new york city. tomorrow looking really great too so kick off the weekend with a few more clouds in philadelphia.
7:55 am
7:56 am
another beautiful day. today looks like the weather we had yesterday. plenty of sunshine for the pope's second day of his visit in washington, d.c. temperatures will be in the 60s this morning. we'll be warming up into the middle 70s by the lunch hour. look for a high around 80 degrees. around 4:00 this afternoon. cooling conditions for tonight. tomorrow, clouds on the increase, becoming breezy with highs in the mid 70s with chances of rain over the weekend, especially south of washington, d.c.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. pope francis right here in the u.s. tens of thousands waiting to hear him speak to congress at this hour as he is set to make history this morning. ♪ wake me up surprising new research revealing why so many women aren't eager to climb the corporate ladder. is this the real reason women aren't getting promoted at work? and we're going "above and beyond" this thursday morning. we reveal this magical moment on the beach. then we went all the way to space. >> good morning, commander kelly. >> now only here we're surprising one very deserving teacher with the moment she'll never forget. hundreds of her students are in on it and you are too. only on "gma." ♪ the places the things that i did ♪ ♪ bang bang kerry washington is with us live and she's turning the
8:01 am
tables on robin. anything could happen as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! [ cheers and applause ] come on. how cool is that? >> very. wonderful audience members smelling out g-m-a part of our "above and beyond" for a deserving teacher helping so many of her students overcome bullying and now they're saying thank you, the big reveal coming up. >> i can't wait to see that. also this morning, are your kids spending too much time in front of tablets and phones? our own dr. besser is here with the latest on how that is
8:02 am
affecting your children. >> but first, let's see, one, two, three -- george, that's right. george is there. ,000 tickets given up on the t west lawn. but i don't know if he has pull but we have another perfect day. spectacular morning here in washington, d.c. and after the pope speaks he's going to come at are there, look at that, e everybody. >> beautiful. >> wow. >> and he is going to go out and greet them. let's turn to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. the big story a deadly stampede at one of islam's holiest events. now more than 450 people have been killed today. near mecca, saudi arabia, during
8:03 am
the annual muslim pilgrimage to that holy city. more than 700 others injured. today's tragedy is the deadliest since the stampede 25 years ago. and there is new concern now about the refugee crisis overwhelming europe. more than 10,000 refugees and migrants from the middle east have entered hungary in just the last 24 hour, the highest one-day total so far. europe is spending another $1 billion on aid. and donald trump's rivals are gaining ground. the newest polls showing he's still in the lead but dr. ben carson is closing that gap cutting trump's lead in half. carly fiorina has also made significant gains. meanwhile, trump is boycotting fox news claiming the network treats him unfairly. but fox says it was first to cancel a trump interview accusing him of unleashing personal attacks when media coverage does not go his way. a gas leak may be to blame for an explosion that ripped through this street in suburban baltimore setting a row of town houses on fire. one home was leveled, four
8:04 am
others destroyed or damaged. two people were injured. and the third person has now died in that salmonella outbreak linked to tainted cucumbers. cases reported in 3 states with more than 500 getting sick. the cdc says the cucumbers distributed by a san diego company may have been shipped to more states than originally thought. finally, netflix says it knows best. it figured out when most of us get hooked on our favorite shows and you may be surprised just when that happens. apparently watching the first episode, the pilot of any series is never enough to get anyone hooked. netflix says that on average viewers are not reeled in until somewhere between episodes 4 and 6 and the research dates all the way back to the 1990s. apparently "friends" did not really have any impact until episode four. >> i can believe that. >> yeah. >> think about how many types
8:05 am
you said i'm going to keep watching because i heard it's good and it doesn't have me yet. >> i was that way with "homeland." the first season. i heard so much about it. ah then all of a sudden, boom. >> i'm on a show now, episode three and i stopped much maybe i need to give it one more shot. >> hang in there. hang in there, michael. we got a lot more coming up this thursday morning. brand-new study revealing the real reason women may not be getting ahead at work. and we're going "above and beyond" for a teacher who does that every day for her students. we have a big surprise about to be revealed only on "gma." ♪ i i did it all
8:06 am
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you want to go? >> i got it. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." are your kids spending too much time glued to tablets and phones? dr. besser is here and he went into the toddler lab and he's here with the latest on that. >> yes. then "shark tank" size deals and steal, the best buys from the hit show this morning we've got them for you. >> and we got the biggest show on television. here kerry washington is live here turning the tables on robin. i'm the luckiest man in the world right now. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. ♪ [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart."
8:09 am
i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
8:10 am
you're looking at the huge crowd gathering to see the pope. 50,000 tickets given out for the capitol lawn. they have been gathering since early this morning, and it's going to continue to grow and
8:11 am
grow and they are so excited that he will be coming out to greet them and we're going to have live coverage throughout the morning here on abc but right now back here on "gma," time now for the "heat index" and this morning's -- there you go -- hot button, a new ringer. a study that may explain why more women don't hold top jobs at companies. they may not want to? what? women are making huge strides in the workforce and yet the gender gap in corporate america remains wide. at fortune 500 companies women account for less than 5% of ceos, and less than 15% of executive officers. and while a potential glass ceiling is often given to blame, a new study out of the harvard business school found that women when given the chance may not be so eager to climb the corporate ladder. according to the study while women believe that getting promoted was well within their
8:12 am
reach, compared to men, women viewed high-level positions as less desirable and anticipated more negative outcomes. the study also found that men tend to be more motivated by power while women have a higher number of life goals. meaning that women don't see work as the end all be all. >> while it's exciting to make more money and move up the career ladder if that means that you have to miss day care pickup and miss family dinner every night it's probably not worth it. >> i think a lot of people are going to be talking about this and joining us now "gma's" workplace contributor tory johnson and editor of ericka suoutor. some of the issues have been bias and discrimination and now possibly saying this. >> a lot of this i think is potentially self-impose eself-i. if you google the term is having it all overrated there are 16 million results that come up and
8:13 am
there are countless posts from women not men who say, yes, yes, having it all is overrated and they're redefining how we think of having it all and it's often about a happier, healthier simple lifestyle that does not include the pursuit of the corner office and i think there's a couple reasons, you know, when you think about workplace unhappiness, poll after poll shows us that workplace unhappen amazing did very high and so women say, really, is that the kind of stress and conflict i want to get into managing that situation? we look at millennials and again-examineers who watch their boomer parents and they say, really is that the sort of path that i want to pursue or is there perhaps something different that defines having it all? >> what is this parenthood penalty? that's what i don't understand. >> right, it's actually very real and happens to a lot of mops. they told me had they go to work they're viewed as not as dedicated or committed and won't work as hard and quiet hostility
8:14 am
happens when they have to jet off to pick up a sick kid or stay at home. why is your life so much more important because you have kids? so they're dealing with a lot and it also comes from when another woman at the office may have taken a very short maternity leave then you're wondering am i expected to take a short maternity leave too? >> there's that pressure. >> the flip side of this too because there are still women out there who do want to achieve the corner office. >> if that's your goal you should absolutely do it and sort of all this other stuff and you want to make sure it in an organization that values women. are there women on the board? are women promoted in that organization? find an internal champion and this is very different from a mentor who is just someone for advice, a champion is someone who has clout and is going to use that clout to help advance you and your seniority within that company and i think that's really important to -- for women to pursue. >> the empowering part is it's your choice. >> that's right. >> ericka, you're a woman and struggling with what to do. are there questions to ask yo
8:15 am
yourse yourself? >> yes, three, number one, is this meaningful work? you don't have to be saving the world but do you get something out of it or contributing to an environment -- does it feed your soul, number two, if i lost this job tomorrow would i regrate the time i spent away from my family? for a lot of women that's a great question, number three, am i comfortable playing the mommy card? when you're a mom you will have to leave sometimes to tend to your children. you want to be in a place conducive to that. >> great conversations, thank you, both. time now for a special two-part series looking at the amount of time we spend on phones, computers and tablets, a new poll revealing nearlrly hal of alloms and dads think their kids spend too much time in front of screens. agreed. abc's dr. richard besser set out to find the impact it has on our kids. >> reporter: screen, parents can't live with them. >> time. >> reporter: and kids can't live without them. >> can i have the iphone? >> stop, stop.
8:16 am
>> reporter: we heard the downsides of excessive screen time and how they alter children's sleep, school performance and ee aggressive behavior. among kids 8 and older one study found between 1999 and 2009 screen time increased by an hour to more than seven hours a day but in kids younger than 8 it's the wild west. there just aren't any studies yet. >> it's a cautionary tale. we have have to think about is there a downside to this because we don't know it yet. >> reporter: torah klein runs the barnhard center and she invited us to watch a group of preschoolers to see the difference between kids playing with regular toys and ipads. >> this is teacher tory. >> reporter: when we bring the kids in the room the two boys garrett and milo beeline for the ipads while the girls choose toys. >> the thing that surprised me the most was that more children weren't attracted to the screens. girls as they get older tend to be more involved in that
8:17 am
imaginary play. >> reporter: while there's no research to show boys favor technology more than girls at this age, look what happens when we try to distract milo from the ipad. >> milo, what are you playing? there's no response, right? they get glued. they really get glued to technology. >> but the girls never fully tune out their environment talking, interacting, connecting. >> are all the people up there? you put them all in there? >> yes. >> she's not missing what's going on in the rest of her environment. >> reporter: but the boys can't even hear the teacher calling their name. they were incredibly focused. is that a good thing or a bad thing? >> that's not bad if it's a part of their day, if it's not all day. but some children would be on a screen all day if given a choice. >> reporter: next we take away all the ipads but one. garrett dominates it. milo has trouble transitioning and wanders around for two minutes. when the last ipad is taken away, the boys join the girls in being more social. verbal, and creative. >> even though they were really
8:18 am
engaged and focused, they could create, they could see what other children were doing. >> they were reacting to each other. >> they were reacting to each other. they were watching each other. just such an important part of early childhood. >> and here with me now is dr. richard besser. it was shocking to see the gender issues with this. >> yeah, you know, i could have watched these 1kids all day. as a parent and pediatrician, what you learn from play is fascinating. what really struck me was that only those kids would were really playing with toys seemed to be having fun. everyone was engaged. you know, they were focused on what they were doing but the girl, they were talking to each other. they were smiling. they were laughing. oh, it was fun. it's what you think of as fun. >> what do kids learn in free play that they don't learn with electronicsy. >> you learn life skills. so you learn to use your imagination and curiosity. no rules when you have those toys. they learn how to engage in negotiation and compromise. how do you get someone to join your world? how do you lead? how do you follow and learn social cues looking at faces.
8:19 am
did i make somebody unhappy. did i give them pleasure? those things you need to use in life and if your face did down looking at electronics you don't learn any of ha. >> focused on our kids but robin pointed this out, kettle black, kettle black. us adults are doing the same thing. and our kids are learn hag. >> my kids do it to me all the time, dad, dad, dad, i'm on my device and it goes both ways. >> there are some electronics and some apps good for your kids. we'll get into that. >> lots of tips on what to use and how to control the time. >> all right. in the meantime, dr. besser will be taking all of your questions on twitter this morning and i'm sure people have a lot of them. robin, over to you. >> busting me like that. good going. way to go. over to michael. the new season of "shark tank" starts tomorrow and we have some great "deals & steals" from the show. >> that was great. >> all right, thanks, guys. and tory johnson is here with "deals & steals" and "shark tank," the perfect combination for big bargains, up to 50% off
8:20 am
items featured on the hit show so -- >> are you ready? okay. >> what do we have. >> frlori greiner invested had this company. it seats one adult or opens -- there you go. perfect. the bed -- it's -- he doesn't come with it. >> i don't come with it? >> it's comfortable. >> i thought i was an accessory. >> we'd sell a lot. normally $240 all slashed in half, 120 bucks. >> my kids love bean bags and they could open it up and have a bed. >> what else do we have. >> spin it around. so from biagi. big, big hit on the show, big hit with "gma" viewers. lori invested in this one. all foldable luggage so everything stores neatly when not in use, tote, wheelers, big, big, assortment starting at $80, everything slashed in half, 40 bucks. >> whoa. >> this is fun. this is one of the companies
8:21 am
from barbara corcoran called grace and lace. >> the guys are going ah. you know what you're getting for christmas. >> really great accessories for as we go fall into winter, there are leg warmers, boot cuffs, all these like sort of fun accessories to change the look of an outfit with a very inexpensive accessory. eddie is ready to go with some. normally starting at $20 all slashed in half 10 to $19.50 and free shipping from grace & lace. another from barbara, pipcorn. it's actually super fun for when you're watching all your fun tgit shows tonight or "shark tank" and this is their brand-new chili. six bags. you will wake up happy if you start with that, they say. do you like spicy. $39 normally for six slashed in half, 19.50 and free shipping for your bags. >> you wake up happy. >> last but not least from damon
8:22 am
john. he invested in this company called bubba's deboned barbecue ribs all comes cooked ready to go. you can heat it on the grill, mike kroef, oven. three different size packages to choose from, normally 30 to $100. everything today slashed in half so starting at $15 for some deboned ribs. you can't beat that. >> i'll save these and the crew, you better save me some of those ribs when you clean up. we want to say thanks to all these companies for providing these great deals. head to on yahoo! to get the codes and links for these bargains. plus, one bonus deal also and you can see the premiere of "shark tank" tomorrow night at 9:00, 8:00 central, let's go outside to ginger. >> michael, save me a rack of ribs too. let's go ahead and start in the southwest where they're about average. phoenix is about average but you will be heating up as we go towards the end of the week and weekend, that hot weather coming in hitting the century mark. right there in palm springs inca
8:23 am
few sprinkles south of town, withth highs in the mid 70s and t weekend will be coor ith a chance of light rarain or spriles, especially south of washingn. highs around 70. >> lara, i took a vote. everybody out here can't wait for "pop." >> "pop news" and it is the fashion face-off we never saw coming. h&m revealing these two. david beckham and kevin hart or as i call them beckhart now taking twinning to the extreme. all in the name of research.
8:24 am
listen. >> say that again. >> he wants to play you in i beckham the movie. >> he wants to play me? are you serious? >> yeah, he wants to get into the role, get into the character. research is what they're calling it. >> schwarzenegger and devito move over. we can expect more of beckhart teasing multiple outfits on social media including those two perfectly court naded. an unlikely hilarious duo. >> i like the ring of that, beckhart. >> i thought long and hard about that. thank you. a little science news in "pop news." at this year's ig nobel prize ceremony an absurd celebration of science that makes you laugh and think, two winners took one for the team in a big way. to determine which insects have the most painful stings and the places on your body you definitely don't want to get stung. both subjected themselves to hundreds of stings. here are the findings. the boldfaced hornet sting
8:25 am
comparable to getting your hand mashed in a revolving door. the yellow jacket sting described as hot and smoky sort of like a cigar being put out on your tongue. the worst is the bullet ant whose sting is described as having a three- we welcome you brack to inch rusty nail grinded into your heel much that's the one you don't want to get stung and you never want to get stung on these places, number one, your upper lip. >> oh. >> they found that out the hard way. >> number two, your no industrial. number three, a place below your belt that i cannot describe on camera. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. >> we get the picture. >> wow. >> there's just nothing to say. wow. >> but they -- >> they did it. >> in the name of science so thank you, scientists, for sharing. >> as you said -- >> we know what to protect. >> so brave. okay. and then finally i thought that i would switch it up. you know, from bee stings to this guy, the weekend is around the corner. why not treat yourself to a
8:26 am
little massage. a little light reading, and perhaps a massage. >> oh. >> sweet. >> take it in, everybody. just look and laugh and love on this beautiful friday eve and that -- >> you finished strong. >> concerned about the bee sting and now it's all coming around. >> hey, kerry washington is here live and tgit, "scandal" is back! >> whoo!
8:27 am
good morning. here is jacqui jeras. >> we have another beautiful day to look forward to. today looks just like weather we had yesterday. plenty of sunshine for the pope's second day of his visit in washington, d.c. temperatures will be in the 60s this morning, warming up into the middle 70s by the lunch hour. and look for a high temperature around 80 degrees, around 4:00 this afternoon. cooling conditions for tonight. tomorrow, clouds on the increase, breezy with highs in the mid 70s with chances of rain over the weekend, especially south of washington, d.c. >> heavy congestion on the morning commute for folks travelling eastbound interstate 66. a live look here, east of sudley road. big problem spot is on sudley road through manassas battlefield. prince georges county tell us -- prince william county police tell us we will be shut down with the crash
8:28 am
between 29 lee highway and interstate 66. beltway congestion, sluggish. dulles toll road. southbound i270 stop and go off and on passing montrose road. back to you. >> anchor: today is pope francis' last day here in dc before he leaves four new york city and philadelphia. before that, one of the most anticipated events in washington, the pope will address congress at 10:00 a.m. after that he'll feed the poor at catholic charities around noon, then give an official goodbye around:0 4p.m. back at his home base the vatican embassy. the pope is expected to address climate change, as well as the need to help migrants fleeing wars. the united states role in helping poorer nations, religious freedoms and right to life issues, abortion and euthanasia. you can will --
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma." take a look at these kids. they're all getting ready to go "above and beyond" for a remarkable art teacher taking on bullying and inspiring her students at the same time, so much in store for her. that is just ahead but first robin is inside with a very scandalous guest. >> that's right, we all know tgit is back. already trending on twitter. come on, because the posters for tonight's season five premiere says it all. ooh, look at that. uh-huh. olivia and fitz final together at last. kerry washington is here to tell us all about it but again she cops bearing gifts with a sneak peek. take a look. >> okay. >> see you on the flip side.
8:31 am
>> working together. >> an international incident. >> let's. >> oh. good-bye, mister. ♪ just to hear you say >> last chance. >> wow. would you give it up for k. dub. >> it happens every time i come here. it's because i stalk you and dress accordingly. >> it's the other way around. ♪ at last >> that's right. >> olivia and fitz together. we saw on the balcony at the end of last season. >> uh-huh and people keep asking about that one commercial where it's just us rolling around in the bed and i said, you know at the end of last season, he said what do we do now and olivia said, whatever we want so i guess whatever they want is a lot of rolling around in bed. >> we did see that. you were even surprised with the season, that it wasn't quite -- i know you can't tell us too
8:32 am
much but -- >> what's funny, i think like with any other relationship, in television we tend to think when two people come together that's the end, but in life when two people come together that's the beginning and so it turns out the same is true on "scandal." >> more chapters to be written. >> whole other story. >> it was lovely seeing you and others on the cover of "essence" magazine. shonda land. >> her cover was beautiful. viola davis, all the cast, it was really fun. >> all around this wonderful woman, shonda. >> i know. >> who has created so much. what do we not know about her? >> what don't you know about shonda? shonda is -- shonda loves fashion. she loves fashion. and she has got a great sense of humor. and you know what, she's a truly generous heart. when i think about all of us getting together for that huge portrait of all three casts all of us in a room together we all
8:33 am
got to be there in our gowns and tuxedos and hair and makeup because shonda had an idea and put it on the page and all of the brilliant writers that she works with. >> yeah, i've been there on set and have seen everyone in action and it's true, when she walks out there on set, everybody is like the president is there. >> we should have theme music for her when she walks in the room like the president. >> you look beautiful at the emmys. >> thank you. >> it was so touching to see how you were moved when viola davis, her acceptance speech. what was going flew your mind? >> it was such a tremendous thing. it was a great night for thursday nights on abc because regina king won for "american cripple crime" then viola for "how to get away with murder" and it was just a wonderful night to be a woman and a woman of color working in this golden age of television. it was so special and so special of viola davis to be so inclusive in her speech and give all of us shout-outs and to really talk about progress, you know, because i know for me, like you know we're going into our fifth season but when i first started when we first
8:34 am
started in our first season all anybody wanted to talk about was that there hasn't been a black woman as a lead in a network show in 40 years and now everywhere you turn there are black women on every network championing shows and so, you know, if you let us in the room, we can get the job done. you just need to let us in the room. >> like viola said give us an opportunity. >> that's right. >> before we turn the tables i'm trying to take up time so we don't have to do this. >> no, no, no. >> this is very important to you and told you i'll be there tonight. i want to talk about the purple purse campaign. >> thank you, yes, the allstate purple purse foundation has this amazing initiative where for the second year in a row i have designed a bag and it's a purple purse because purple is the color for domestic violence awareness and a purse is the center of a woman's financial domain. it's where your car key, house key, wallet, cell phone, everything lives in your purse so a purple purse is to help raise awareness around financial abuse, the number one reason women stay in abusive relationships and why they go
8:35 am
back when they leave is because they don't have a sense of financial freedom and so this is really about empowering women to take control of their livelihood and finances and lives. >> people don't talk about that. okay, i did leave a little time tore this but that was very important to get that in. >> thank you. >> just give it a crank. >> i have two questions. the first one is from your staff here. >> uh-oh. >> if it were up to you to come up with a role for yourself on "scandal," what would it be and answer well because shonda might be watching. >> you got pull there. >> i know some people. >> i think i know why they're asking this. they saw me at halloween, i was as olivia pope. i want to be your evil twin sister. >> i love it. i love it. >> yes, yes. >> the only problem is you're way too nice. you're way too nice. >> i could try though, the evil twin sister that nobody knows about. >> let's do it. >> it's handled. >> shonda, are you watching? >> okay. >> that was a good reading.
8:36 am
it's my job. number two, a fan question posted on "gma's" facebook. you have such beauty inside and out. i agree. what one thing did your mother and father do to make you who you are today? >> oh, that's so sweet. to be kind. parents talk about the three rs, mine were all about the three ds, about being disciplined, about determination and da lord so those are the three ds. >> i love that. i love that. that's great. >> well, thank you for that. i mean that could have been a lot worse and -- >> i can do another. >> no, that's okay. >> like our serious -- okay. >> i am coming tonight for the -- >> thank you so much. >> for the unveiling of the purple purse. >> and a heads-up for wearing purple. >> i am too so there you go. our usual trend. >> always wonderful to have k. dub here. watch the season premiere of "scandal" tonight, tonight, we got to get back in time from the reception on 9:00 here on abc.
8:37 am
outside to ginger. >> i checked my dvr three types to make sure "scandal" is on there. good morning, everybody. seated and find out why very soon but i'm seated in a comfortable new york city because that's how we're starting the morning in the northeast. beautiful temperatures that will reveal themselves into a beautiful and perfect forecast for the pope. 80, washington, d.c. alaround 80. paery cloudy totonigh tiwth a low around 60. clouds increase tomorrow. a few sprinkkles southf towown, witith highghs in the mid 70s and the weekend will be coer with a chahance of light rain or sprinkles, especially south of washington. highs around 70. >> all that weather brought to you by johnson & johnson. robin. >> i'm here still with kerry washington. don't take a single shot. please. coming up, the audience getting ready to go "above and beyond" for one very deserving teacher. i know where my bread is buttered.
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:40 am
♪ i did it all >> it is time to go "above and beyond" and you are looking now at a "gma" viewers helping us out this morning. it's just a preview of what's about -- do not get old, people. do not get old. we're going to honor another one who's gone above and beyond. >> that was fantastic. bring that closer for robin. found a fantastic teacher.
8:41 am
wish we could honor them all but this one has gone "above and beyond" with her campaign about bullying called just be but it's my honor to introduce everyone to a woman that the students call miss pickle. >> in the fifth grade i met my wife and i felt like i had to tell somebody this story. >> to know heather is to love her. the students adore her. >> they call her miss pickle because they can't pronounce piccoli right. >> why do my students call me miss pickle? >> each month she holes fund-raisers where the students partake. >> the kids realized it's not always about themselves but about helping others. >> just when you think you're done with one charity or fund-raiser she comes up with something else. ♪ oh we've got so much going for you ♪ >> we're going through fertility treatments for two years and it takes a lot of time, which took away from her and her passion to
8:42 am
be with these kids. unfortunately unable to have children at this moment. no one deserving more, i think, to be a mother than her. but she's a mother to those kids in a way. ♪ >> in fifth grade i got bullied by a few kids. i would have art with miss piccoli. she made everything better. she made me feel good about myself. good about my art and the bullies disappeared in my life. she told everyone especially me during this time just be myself. ♪ now i am invisible >> heather did a commemorative art project called just be. ♪ >> she's just a just be person, loving and caring and giving back. ♪ now i am invincible >> heather wholeheartedly deserves this honor of "above
8:43 am
and beyond." >> it's been a very inspirational thing to be around this woman for 30 plus years. ♪ ♪ now i am invincible >> all right, you see why we love her, robin, so you all sent me down to virginia beach and let the conspiracy begin. and we conspired with 700 students, all of them at her school, her friends, her husband and also john quigley, our aerial artist to find a way to honor her and knocked on her during the middle of a school day to give her the surprise of her life. >> here we go. hey there. heather. hey, hey, guy, how are you doing? hey. i'm t.j. holmes for "good morning america." how are you doing? >> good. >> good. we are here, everybody thinks because we're here to do a back-to-school special. we're actually here because of
8:44 am
you. and solely because of you. this guy brought you to our attention. come on in here. >> oh. >> say hello to your wife. >> hi. >> i know you're wondering what in the world is going on right now. "good morning america" is here because you go "above and beyond" and we want to honor you. >> how old are you guys? >> 9. ♪ hoping you take that jump >> you're going to be epic! >> i need you all to -- you know where you're supposed to be. you're going this way. >> good morning, america. >> all right. come on out. come on. we got the whole school out here. i guess you know these folks. >> hi. >> i have to get the kids to sit still. >> she's here, everybody. these finally here.
8:45 am
♪ >> what do you think about all this? >> i'm in shock. >> you don't know what to think. >> i don't know what to think. >> our colleagues laid out for you. you're the art teacher. we thought what better way to honor you with art but to really explain it and show it to you how they witnessed to honor you have to take a bird's-eye view and do it now. i want you to look at this monitor. ♪ i i did it all >> i love it. i love it. it's so awesome. ♪ i i did it all oh. >> there were some words that go in here as well. and we're going to cue phase two. now. >> so many many place, the things that i did. >> that is awe committee? we are going to finish the artwork by dotting the "i." you are the "i." >> yay. >> we were told you have been
8:46 am
trying to get some funds raised for your class, a 3d printer. we heard about this and what we did was get the folks the maker bot to donate a 3d printer for your class. that is for your class. >> yay. this is great. thank you. thank you. that was so incredible. this is very, very fun to see my artwork come to life with people. >> and, of course, our thanks to mak makerbot for the printer and for the t-shirts. here she is, now, tell them -- we brought the whole crew out here. tell me your reaction. she said i'm shaking. >> i am too. >> watching that. you are a crier. i saw tears. that has to be a wonderful feeling. teachers are so unselfish. you don't expect anything in return but it has to mean so much to you. >> totally not expected and still feels very surreal.
8:47 am
>> i'm so sorry. we're not dong with the surprises, okay. your students, we asked this emto just give us a drawing, give us something about miss pickle and put it together in a nice little collage. look at it up top. it's going all of times square can see that right now. >> the best teacher ever. >> you're the best. ♪ you got so much love >> do you recognize that guy. >> i do. >> that's brad paisley. you're a fan, am i right? >> i am. >> now, we told mr. paisley about your story. he was intrigued and he wanted to meet you personally so what he did was sent us six tickets to his concert that's sunday. do you know where he's playing sunday? >> in virginia beach. >> your hometown. those tickets are yours. you'll get to go backstage and meet him. you get six tickets, six so that's one, two, three, four, five, six. we're good to go. >> good to go. >> what do you think now.
8:48 am
>> i can't wait. thank you. thank you. this is an honor. thank you. >> thanks for going "above and beyond" and thank you all here too. [ cheers and applause ] >> yay. >> i love that sign right there. all the best, have fun. have you ever seen him in concert? >> oh, yeah. >> but you haven't met him yet. >> i have not met him personally. >> that will all change. >> this has been fun. the ultimate homework helper. lane.
8:49 am
8:50 am
all right. ♪ let's head back up right now as we welcome viewers over from the -- abc 7. i'm larry smith with jummy olabanji. we are waiting for the pope to depart the vatican embassy to travel to the joint meeting of congress. this is a live look and there he is. [cheers]
8:51 am
[cheers and chatter] [cheering]
8:52 am
larry: once again, a live picture of pope francis doing the same thing he did yesterday. he goes immediately to those waiting. look at the love. everyone from both sides. he seems so energized by this. we do want to bring in father lee bangmeyer. your thoughts on the pope, his
8:53 am
stay in the district yesterday. >> beautiful. i happened to be at the mass at the basilica yesterday. what a beautiful experience. we had 130 tickets, we had three buses. from the moment we gotn the bus, people were so excited to be with that crowd. long.ty took a little once we got in, it was so peaceful and beautiful and just to see him and be together with everybody. then to see these pictures of him embracing the kids. what is he doing? [laughter] jummy: he has come out earlier than he did yesterday. yesterday, he came out right on time, he greeted everyone. it seems like today he is taking his time and really interacting more than he did yesterday at this time, i notice. >> it is almost as if he felt
8:54 am
like he did not give himself enough time yesterday. "i'm already dressed, let me go out a few minutes early." we were speaking yesterday with father tom. do you sense that he gets energized when he gets to interact with the everyday people, if you will? >> i think he does. he loves to be out with the people. he used to be able to go walk the streets as the archbishop of buenos aires. he cannot do it anymore. these moments are great for him. it energizes anybody. you are with the people, you see the love. how could you not be energized by seeing the faces of these kids? andas looked a little tired now he is very, very happy. larry: again, a live picture
8:55 am
right now outside the vatican embassy as pope francis will be leaving from joint base on to philadelphia and new york. again, his first visit to washington. inis headed to capitol hill just a few moments. jummy: father lee you mentioned over 100 people from your paris got tickets. what are folks saying about the experience from yesterday? >> they felt so blessed. going home on the bus and watching everything on social media, lot of great pictures. we were exhausted by the end of the day, but it was really a beautiful feeling. to be able so happy to be in his presence, to see him. we had some great see for the people.
8:56 am
it is a warm, good, energizing, very comforting to have those experiences. larry: autria godfrey is live on capitol hill. she is working on another assignment getting ready for the pope to arrive at capitol hill. i wanted to see if she wanted to check in. i believe she is back now. do you happen to have a question for father lee? we are watching the pope get into his car to head over to capitol hill. wasia: one of the things i talking with lawmakers about, catholic lawmakers, the ones very excited about this historic visit and historic address, is the fact that this pope is so beloved and it seems that he really has not changed the church's stance on a lot of
8:57 am
issues that tend to drive people away from religion, specifically catholicism. he has not changed his stance on gay marriage or abortion. why is it that he seems to be so well-received among catholics? >> because he is so authentic. he is showing his care and his love. he has set a number of times that we should be servants of people, not of ideas. he knows that the most important thing is to meet a person, to know them. get to the ideas, before you get to the doctrine, even pope benedict said, before christianity is an ethical construct a lofty idea, it is the event of an encounter with a person. this is the pope of encounter. he wants to encounter people.
8:58 am
people see that and they are touched by it, i think. they resonate with that. they see that this is something genuine, they sense his authentic love. larry: i think that is the point that everyone hits on. i was asking someone why they think this pope is so widely received, as opposed to other popes in recent history and they said, he is more genuine, he is not stuffy. that may not be fair to the other popes, but there is something about him that he does seem to go out of his way. he does not just shake cans because the cameras are flashing. when he was heading to meet over at saint matthews, it was as if he really wished he had the time to get out of the pope mobile
8:59 am
and walk in touch as many hands in a genuine fashion. jummy: i have also been hearing talk that he had several limitations for lunch with people in this town who some consider a little bit more high-powered or high up there and he said, i'm sticking to my plans. i'm going to go to catholic charities, i'm going to feed lunch to the homeless and less fortunate. it is almost something you would read in the bible. it is very much biblical. it kind of seems like that is who he is. >> very authentic. he is not doing it because the camera is on him. from the very beginning, when we saw him after he was elected it and he came out on the balcony. my thought, i thought, this poor man standing in front of the whole world and he touched us by saying, good evening. so simple. that is what he does.
9:00 am
he is simply an genuinely reaching out to others and touching them. we all are drawn into this guy. jummy: father, piggybacking off of that, you were talking about him talking about the humane things that we should do when it comes to immigration or climate change. do you expect him to bring that same position when he addresses lawmakers today? so often here in america, we hear, this is what you should do because it is right for the party or because that is what our party needs, but it seems that the pope will be saying, this is what is right for mankind. >> absolutely. i think that is his role. he is not going to be talking about specific policies. what he reminds us of is our common humanity. he will be speaking to the better part of all of us. he knows that politics can divide. i think he will address this. i think


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